About Me and This Site

This is a place where I can showcase whats going on in my life and also help to raise awareness about Invisible Illnesses like my own; hopefully to help encourage others with them as well; and also raise awareness about other causes I believe in. 

I was born in Seattle, Washington in the summer of 1976.  I lived there until I was 3 years old with my dad, mom and brother who was born 1 yr and 11 months after me.  When I was 3 yrs old our parents divorced and my brother and I lived with our mom in B.C. until I was 7 yrs old.  I stayed in Seattle with our dad until I was 14.  My brother only stayed two years before returning back to B.C. to live with our mom.  At age 9 I was diagnosed with J.R.A. by the pediatric rheumatologist in Seattle Childrens Hospital, but she vastly recommended that I go to Vancouver BC to be properly diagnosed as she thought I had a bigger illness to battle but she was not qualified to diagnose it.  Due to family politics, I was not brought there right away, but treated for J.R.A.  The initial diagnosis was that I would be in a wheelchair by age 17, and on heavy medications for the rest of my life.  At 14, I moved up to live with my mother, brother and new stepdad who all lived in Vancouver BC.  I was brought immediately into the Vancouver Arthritis Society and was diagnosed by Drs Mallisson and Petty (both world renowned pediatric rheumatologists) with Mixed Connective Tissue Disease.  This included, in my case, Sjogrens Syndrom, Vasculitis, Polymyositis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, S.L.E (lupus) and Raynauds Syndrom.  At the time I was put on Methotrexate, Asulfasaline & Naproxyn.  I did water aerobics 5 days a week to regain lost range of motion and gain muscle mass.  At 17, my body started to reject the Methotrexate and I was taken off of it, and also the Asulfasaline. 

Since then I've had many good, and bad days.  I'm 34 now and have worked in menial labour jobs most of my adult life.  Sadly, I am no longer physically able to do that, so I am on medical leave and praying that they allow me to get retrained to become a Library Tech. so I can once again become a happy and productive member of society. 

I have gotten to see a lot of places and lived in many as well.  I have lived in Seattle, Washington; Abbotsford, BC; Gibsons, BC; Victoria, BC; Wembley, AB; Grande Prairie, AB; Edmonton, AB; and now currently reside in Medicine Hat, AB.  Places I've gotten to see and visit include: Maui, Hawaii; Anaheim, California; Ocean Shores, Washington and other various locals in the Pacific Northwest. 

 I am an avid animal lover and am a proud owner of 2 gorgeous calico female cats. I am single and have no kids, so my cats, nieces and nephews are spoiled often by me haha.  I am a proud auntie of 1 niece (Hunter), 1 nephew (Adam) and one nephew on the way come November 2010!  In my spare time I also do creative writing, singing, photography, read a good book or watch a great movie or tv show.