Causes I Support

There are a lot of things I strongly believe in and below you can find links to help support them too!

One of the things I belive strongly in is Animal Rights/Welfare, and Animal Adoption.  Please when looking for a pet, stop by your local rescue group or shelter first! Theres alot of great animals in DESPERATE need of good homes!  PLEASE DO NOT SUPPORT PUPPY MILLS and shop in a pet store for an animal!!!!!   Also please help fight animal cruelty and abuse and make sure that justice really does happen for these innocent creatures! I am also very much AGAINST the BSL (Breed Selection Legislation).  Remember to punish the deed not the BREED! Be sure to let your local and federal politicians know this is NOT the solution to the problem!!!!!

 I also support many health related organizations that help people with chronic & fatal illnesses and thier families.  Please help support them and raise awareness!

Animal Welfare & Adoption Groups I Support

Pedigree Adoption Drive The Pedigree Adoption Drive website helps give you information if you are wanting to adopt a dog, with helping to find a shelter near you and what sort of dog would suit you best...they also donate food to many shelters as well as raise awareness about Shelter Dogs and adopting instead of shopping for your next pet!  Be sure to check them out and support a great cause!

Pet is a helpful way to find your next new pet! you can search local shelters & rescue organizations by age, breed, gender and even temperment of a pet and in some cases, theres even videos of the animals.  So before you try a pet store, please check out this site and see if maybe your next BFF is waiting for you there!

Prairie Pitbull Rescue Prairie Pitbull Rescue is a Pittie rescue group in Medicine Hat alberta and are always in need of new foster homes, donations etc. to help these wonderful dogs find thier new homes!! Please dont judge these magnificent dogs by the media hype, they are amazingly loyal and fantastic dogs to own!

ASPCA SPCA in the USA - another great place to support - they are always trying to help rescue abused and neglected animals!  Please be sure to check a shelter out if you are looking to adopt a new animal - or even just to donate your time to! 

WSPCA SPCA WorldWide - Also helping rescue and help animals in need around the world - be sure to check out thier site and help dontate your time or resources to them so they can help rescue more animals in need!

Rescue Ink The Army for the Animals - based in NY; these are tough guys with hearts of gold! They help rescue animals and go where others dare not tread.  Please help these guys to help all animals in need!

Best Friends Animal Society Based in Utah, Best Friends Animal Society is a no kill animal sancutary for a wide range of around 1700 animals.  They believe with a little help, no animal is unadoptable.  They go the extra mile for all the animals that come to thier doorstep, so please be sure to help them by checking out thier site for your new BFF; or even donating your time or resources to help them; help the animals!

Knock Out Dog Fighting Knock out Dog Fighting is a program started by the MMA to help bring awareness to help bring an end to Dog Fighting through education and awareness.  Please help these MMA fighters Knock Out the brutal and cruelty of Dog Fighting!

The Gentle Barn The Gentle Barn (featured on Ellen) is a non profit organization whos goal is to "To rescue, rehabilitate and give sanctuary to abused animals. Through the interaction with our animals children learn reverence for all life".  Please help them carry out thier mission by donating resorces or or time to this wonderful cause as they help kids and animals alike!

Shelter Pet Project The Shelter Pet Project is a program to help connect shelter dogs with new owners!  There are resources to help you choose the best temperment for your lifestyle and even links to hook you up with searching for your new companion!  Be sure to check them out and/or help them by donating your time or resources!

Health Related Causes I Support

Cancer Society USA

Cancer Society Canada

Arthritis Foundation (USA)

Arthritis Society Canada